BIOGRAPHY BY J – Jake Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles.

Brief biography of Jake Gyllenhaal – Jake Gyllenhaal along with her sister Maggie develop in the heart of their celebrity system: his dad Stephen is a famed series manager while their mom has been a screenwriter and playwright. Her godmother is celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis her very first lesson in forcing has been taught to her Paul Newman; hard in his terms to allow your young man to pursue extended studies when all compels him to become a celebrity. Together with his couple televised and cinematographic looks (occasionally under the aegis of the dad ), Jake Gylenhaal resides odd jobs as a lifeguard in sea. The fortune turns for the young celebrity in 2001, the year of launch of this sudden Donnie Darko.
Rise in electricity

This independent movie, where he gives the answer for his sister Maggie interpreting excites enchants critics and curiosities. In his second movie, the play Moonlight Mile (not published in France)he manages to unveil his esteemed spouses Dustin Hoffman along with Susan Sarandon. Facing this a craze for his job as a performer, Jake Gyllenhaal definitively abandons Columbia University at 2002 and ends to Jennifer Aniston at The Great woman . Then he goes on using a somewhat prosperous blockbuster,” The afternoon following (2004), where he embodies a rebellious boy missing in a suspended New York.

At a position of strength

And when he has to struggle from the auditions for high profile characters (such as Spider-Man at Spider-Man two or even Bruce Wayne at Batman Begins, two personalities which have escaped him), Jake Gyllenhaal is currently able to select his own future endeavors. Hence one finds at the Marine at Jarhead to get Sam Mendes, by he takes a Couple of kilos of extra muscle, authorities later on David Fischer Zodiac, also seems on track from the Oscar race along with his personality of homosexual cowboy at Brokeback Mountain from Ang Lee.